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Enhance Outlook calendar with great meetings! Set your agenda, take notes, assign tasks and more.

The easy to use meeting management add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2016 and above. Create your agenda in just a few steps, take meeting notes on the fly and assign individual tasks (and more) - all in Outlook.

The cure for bad meetings: Unleash the power of yoyomeeting in Outlook and Outlook on the Web:

  • achieve better meeting results
  • focus on getting things done (instead of talking about it)
  • end your meetings on time
  • have shorter meetings
  • have fewer meetings
  • have less hassle with meeting preparation and documentation
  • make sure, everyone knows what to do

and non the least:

  • have more fun on the way!

yoyomeeting assists before, during and after your meeting!

1. Before your meeting

  • Set your agenda with just a few clicks
  • Define a goal for each topic
  • Set time boxes for all agenda items
  • Load agenda templates for even faster agenda set up

2. During the meeting

  • Monitor time boxes
  • Take structured meeting notes on the fly
  • Assign individual tasks
  • Record decisions
  • Assign side issues and say focusses on your meeting goal

3. After the meeting

  • Meeting notes? Already done!
  • Distribute meeting notes in different formats
  • Distribute personal tasks right into the attendee's inboxes
  • Rate your meeting and get better every time

yoyomeeting supports your company to get things really done. And with yoyomeeting even inexperienced meeting hosts can achieve great results to boost productivity in meetings!

Pricing - Single Users or Corporate License Pack

yoyomeeting is completely FREE FOR 2 WEEKS. Afterwards you can either buy a single license for yourself or a group license for your organization. In case you don't, do anything, the add-in will automatically be deactivated.



Please note: yoyomeeting works with Outlook Desktop 2016 or above, Outlook on the Web, Outlook for Mac and Office 365.

+ + + Updated version (06/2020) + + +


Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • Dieses Add-In kann den Inhalt von Elementen in Ihrem Postfach lesen oder ändern sowie neue Elemente erstellen. Es kann in jeder Nachricht und in jedem Kalenderelement auf persönliche Informationen zugreifen, beispielsweise Text, Betreff, Absender, Empfänger oder Anlagen. Es sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst.

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