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Access and Update your JobDiva Records from within Outlook

Subscribed JobDiva® users can leverage this Add-In to enrich and inform their relationship management. The JobDiva Add-in provides an interactive window into the internal records of your email correspondents. This allows users to view, create and edit records in JobDiva, from within both Desktop Outlook and the browser-based Outlook Web App (OWA). No set-up or configuration is necessary, and it can be installed at the user level.

Designed with both the recruiting and sales lifecycles in mind, this Add-In examines any email selected and displays any Contact or Candidate records in JobDiva related to the sender, along with their key details, such as contact information, company affiliation and any prior notes. When the sender is unrecognized, JobDiva will make it easy to produce a new Record by parsing the sender's signature. For any existing Records, Users will be able to easily add Tasks, Notes, and Events; save Emails or attached Resumes; open the related record in JobDiva with a click.


Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • Dieses Add-In kann auf persönliche Informationen in der aktiven Nachricht zugreifen und diese ändern, beispielsweise Text, Betreff, Absender, Empfänger und Anlageninformationen. Es sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst. Andere Elemente in Ihrem Postfach können weder gelesen noch geändert werden.

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