Scedule UG

Scedule is your smartest tool to find the best time for your next business meeting.

The Scedule Outlook Add In makes it easy to schedule meetings with your colleagues and business partners. Scedule identifies date proposals that simply fit, covering everybody’s calendars and personal meeting preferences.

Tell your team and external contacts to install Scedule, it is free.

The benefits are obvious. Within seconds, date proposals are identified that simply fit everyone. Without the need to disclose the calendar and thus privacy. In conjunction with our mobile app, Scedule not only takes into account potential appointment conflicts from all calendars but also the current time zone and appointment preferences of the invitees. This includes not least the consideration of the workload with regard to the urgency of a meeting.

And be curious about the next version of our Outlook Add In, with which you can also consider the availability of contacts that are not using Scedule yet.


- The Scedule Outlook Add In is not supporting Safari.

- The Scedule Outlook Add In requires a free Scedule account. Signup is possible from within the Outlook Add In.

Hinweise für die Verwendung dieses Add-Ins:
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.
  • Dieses Add-In kann auf persönliche Informationen in der aktiven Nachricht zugreifen und diese ändern, beispielsweise Text, Betreff, Absender, Empfänger und Anlageninformationen. Es sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst. Andere Elemente in Ihrem Postfach können weder gelesen noch geändert werden.