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Wide Ideas - Idea Management software for Teams

Wide Ideas

Ignite your idea sharing and employee engagement.

Idea management software empowering employees to share ideas on a global scale

Wide Ideas uses the collective intelligence of your employees to bring diversity to the idea management process. This can spark different perspectives to key business challenges, resulting in delivering truly innovative solutions.

Wide Ideas idea management software creates the digital space to capture and track the progress of ideas. And through Artificial Intelligence, ideas can be sorted and clustered together to find similarities and patterns. Meanwhile, AI powered analytics enables management to make informed decisions quickly.

With Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams, you have the additional capacity to capture ideas to business challenges and engage employees in finding the right solutions through the business tools that they know and use every day. Therefore, removing the ‘lack of engagement’ barrier often experienced through basic standalone innovation platforms.

What does Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams give you

  • Greater Exposure to New Ideas Helps to extend the reach into the organisation and explore cross-functional and cross-geography ideation
  • Focused Problem Solving Ability to push business challenges to specific Microsoft Team channels for more focused crowdsourcing
  • Increased Employee Engagement Empowers employees to ideate through their company hub as part of their everyday engagement activity

Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams also connects seamlessly with the Wide Ideas - Idea Management software. This means you still have all the power of the primary software solution, including AI powered analytics, helping to accelerate the decision-making process for management.

About this app

This app is not available for independent users, it is an enterprise solution for large enterprises. Purchasing, sign-up and configuration of our app is only possible on enterprise level by IT admins.

If you are new to the Wide Ideas, please reach out to us at: sales@getwideideas.com or visit our webpage at www.getwideideas.com

Please note: To use Wide Ideas Teams app admin consent is required.

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