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Wide Ideas

Let multiple teams have access to one common virtual board to share ideas and collaborate.

Today organisations all over the world have a constant pressure to do more with less! Reports show that 2 out of 3 organisations would disappear without continuous innovation [PwC]. Over 60% of companies view their employees as their most important partners for innovation [PA Consulting]. Employee engagement is regarded as the top HR obstacle [Cascade]. It is essential to tap into ideas, creativity and innovation of every employee.

In order to achieve this, Microsoft Teams is the hub that connect the people - Wide Ideas for Teams is the app to collect and derive value from their ideas.

Engage multiple teams around a business challenge

The way in which you want to crowd-source for ideas can vary. Sometimes the business challenge needs to be restricted to a single department. Other times multiple departments. Often it is an entire organisation that needs to come together to share ideas. With Wide Ideas in Teams, you have total flexibility on how you want to engage your employees.


Wide Ideas empowers employees to share ideas to business challenges on a global scale, helping to foster a culture of innovation.

  • Push a business challenge to a single or multiple Microsoft team for focused and departmental crowd-sourcing.
  • Track the progress levels of each individual idea and challenge.
  • Get high level management insights through Management Dashboard.

Trustworthy Microsoft Teams app

As a result of our close collaboration with Microsoft, we have been able to deliver a ‘trustworthy’ app of our idea management software. This was advertised at the 2020 Microsoft Build conference.

Quote:“Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams enterprise SaaS application creates an incredible opportunity for organisations to accelerate innovation, through employees sharing ideas on the most used collaboration hub in the planet, Microsoft Teams” - MICROSOFT


  • Accelerate ideas with the full range of Microsoft Teams features available
  • Smart ranking with unique AI to help identify the ‘golden nugget’ ideas
  • Access for partners and customers, creating the full open innovation experience
  • Single sign-on with Azure AD, simplifying access within a secure environment

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ABOUT this App

Whilst this app is primarily targeted for SMB and Enterprise companies, we do have a Growing Business Package (less than 250 users).

If you are new to the Wide Ideas, please contact sales or visit

Please note: To use Wide Ideas Microsoft Teams app admin consent is required.

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