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AI assistant for standups, ChatGPT powered, surveys, kudos, forms, virtual coffees, watercoolers.

DailyBot is an AI and ChatGPT powered assistant that provides an all-in-one toolkit for Microsoft Teams. Replace unnecessary meetings with daily standups or automated team check-ins. Improve team interactions with kudos, virtual coffees, and watercoolers, or automate workflows with in-chat forms and custom chat commands.

Need to integrate with another app? We got you. Use our webhook integrations or connect DailyBot with 2000+ apps via Zapier. Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration. Backed by Y Combinator 🚀


Productivity features 🚀 :

Check-ins | Standups | Retrospectives | Pomodoro | In-chat forms | Polls & Surveys | Countdown

Social & Motivation features :

Kudos | Virtual Coffee | Watercooler | Icebreaker | Birthday reminder | Virtual Commute | Mental health checks

✅ Agile & Asynchronous: Run team check-ins, stand-ups, retrospectives, 1-on-1s, team feedback surveys, 360 feedback reviews, icebreakers, mental health checks, collect anonymous responses and more!

👏 Culture & Recognition: Create a team culture of continuous recognition and positive feedback with Kudos. You can see the leaderboard report, and add your own Team Values to align kudos with your vision.

⚒️ Customize your own bot: Create workflows connecting commands to your own apps. Create multiple teams, set up the frequency of your check-ins, multiple time zones; Spanish, English & Portuguese languages, and more!

📊 Dashboards & Reporting: DailyBot aligns your teams with streamlined updates and automated reporting. Get and download reports as CSV, XLSX, PDF and see relevant metrics on the web app.

💡 Integrations: Connect JIRA, Trello, or Bitbucket to your check-ins. You can also connect more than 2,000 apps using Zapier like Google Sheets, Webflow CMS, or even send SMS based on specific conditions.

🔭Advanced API and Webhooks: We built a robust API for your most creative use cases. There’s no reason why you can’t shoot up to the stars.

🔐 Privacy & Security: Robust SOC2: Protecting your data and your security is our top priority. Trust DailyBot to keep your data secured with enterprise-grade features, compliance in our data centers and privacy protections. We offer Enterprise SLAs, Priority Support and DPAs.

Highly compatible with remote teams, the perfect companion for managers, scrum masters or agile coaches. It's also a powerful bot for on-site or partially distributed teams.


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