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smenso Cloud upgrades Microsoft Teams into a #ModernProjectWorkplace

smenso Cloud is a project & work management app that helps you keep track of your projects and tasks, plan them on a timeline, view workloads and much more. The app also adds status reports, cost and effort control, and various dashboards of your project to Microsoft Teams.

This app allows you to use smenso Cloud projects with all features directly in your Teams channels.

To use this app, you need to specify a smenso Cloud tenant and sign in to your account.

smenso Cloud features in detail

Easy task management

Visual editing of tasks in a project is the key to acceptance and ease of use. The workflow of project tasks shows the way through the project so that no task is lost.

  • Delegation of tasks / responsible persons
  • Project affiliation
  • Folder / Status / Priority
  • Start and end date
  • Recording of expenses and costs
  • Description with rich text editor
  • Subtasks and checklists
  • File attachments
  • Comments / Activity stream / History

Planning of tasks in a timeline

How often have you struggled with schedules and still haven't gotten the desired result? Leave complicated scheduling tools behind and start with the timeline. Editing a schedule has never been so easy and so beautiful as with smenso Cloud.

  • Planning with drag & drop
  • Visual planning / drawing of tasks directly in the timeline
  • Dependencies (end - start)
  • Mass processing via drag & drop
  • Hide or show dependencies
  • Collapsed view of tasks to keep a better overview
  • Zoom / filter / sort / group tasks
  • Use Milestones

Status reports

Status updates have never been so easy. No more time-consuming queries to the team members. Thanks to the collaborative collaboration in smenso Cloud you create an up-to-date and correct status report quickly and efficiently.

The status report will only be published when you want to release it. The update will then show in your portfolio in real-time - there is no faster way to get information out.

Resources workload

We all know how complex resource management is and how often we have already lost the fight against the tool! It doesn't have to be a fight… with smenso Cloud you can see which resources have to do what and when and resolve conflicts directly via drag & drop. Charts, groupings and filters help to keep the overview.

  • Simply switch to the workload in the timeline
  • Display of the team workload in hours per day per resource
  • Visual highlighting of overload
  • Resolution of overload by Drag & Drop movement
  • View dependencies to other tasks
  • Redistribute tasks to other resources in case of overload
  • Adjustment of duration and effort

Portfolio Timeline

What good is the best schedule in a project if there are several projects and you don't have know every schedule. You may have perfectly distributed all resources in your individual project, but there are still many tasks in other projects!

With the Portfolio Timeline, you can manage this effortlessly. Useful details and well thought-out functions help you to easily manage even large projects with many tasks and resources.

  • Overview of all projects in a timeline
  • Display of the most important project information (milestones, progress, status, project manager) at a glance across the entire portfolio
  • Filtering / sorting of the relevant projects
  • "Big Picture" view for a compact representation of all tasks of all projects
  • Create dependencies to other projects
  • Cross-project resource planning


Projects are not only measured by the deadline, but also by whether the costs were met. With smenso Cloud you always have an up-to-date view of planned / actual costs and can reliably achieve your project goals.

And there's a lot more!

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