Viima Solutions Ltd.

Viima is the best way to collect and manage ideas – start making more innovation happen!

Viima is the most widely used and highest-rated idea and innovation management software in the world, and it's designed to help you make more innovation happen!

Innovation is challenging when people work in different places and at different times. Viima's idea management software is the place where they can meet and discuss ideas with full transparency.

Every employee is a master of their craft. Everyone has valuable insights and knowledge that is rarely utilized. Unleash that tacit knowledge from everyone in your organization.

What's more, by letting them help develop your operations and they'll be much more engaged and committed to your common goals.

You can get started with Viima in just a few minutes and it's completely free for up to 50 users!

How Does It Work?

1. A new idea is created and is immediately visible for others

2. People can comment, like or share ideas to contribute or show support

3. Ideas are transparently and collaboratively developed by your team

4. Viima helps you analyze and prioritize the ideas to pick the most promising ones

5. Decisions and progress are automatically reported for all stakeholders

6. You can analyze the ideation or innovation process to find bottlenecks and improve effectiveness

Key features:

- Adding, liking and commenting ideas

- Sharing ideas

- Fully customizable ideation/innovation process

- Mobile apps

- Filter and group ideas with categories and hashtags

- Assign responsibility for ideas and tag people to notify them

- Attach videos, photos and other files to ideas

- Multi-language support

- Custom data fields

- Customizable idea evaluation

- Gamification & leaderboards

- Analytics & reporting

- Customizable appearance to match your brand

- Out-of-the-box Single Sign On

- Customizable access control and permissions on a per board basis

Please note that you will need an active Viima account to use the service. You can sign up for free at

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