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Just the right tool to build your forms and make them accessible on the mobile as well.

This modern form builder provides a powerful editor enabling you to design dynamic SharePoint list forms with business logic as easily and flexibly as adding content to a publishing page or writing formulas in an Excel sheet.

Adding richly formatted information in forms, grouping fields, changing layout or positioning fields is all easily doable with. Using the powerful expression language and custom actions to implement your business logic, you are able to do more with SharePoint lists than you ever imagined possible. Of course, this can all be done in your browser and without any programming. Ready to bring your forms to the next level?

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive forms
  • Cross site collection lookups
  • Cascading lookups
  • Master-Detail sublists
  • Enrich controls with logic: visibility/enabled conditions, calculated/default values, field validation, requirement conditions
  • Buttons with actions
  • Generate Documents (Premium Action)
  • Execute actions on form load
  • Add rich text controls
  • Use tabs to organize the fields
  • Handle complex business logic
  • Import/Export form configuration
  • Design up to three columns

Get started with a fully featured free 30-day trial within minutes, just install it on your site. For details, contact

skybow believes in – and develops – a no-code platform that don’t ask you to compromise when building, managing and selling business apps, processes and forms for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 & SharePoint.

More than 300 organizations across 40+ countries trust skybow to build no-code/no-compromise business applications & processes, and skybow’s community of customers, partners, and experts grows every day.

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