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Automatically refreshed Public news and updates for your company from various websites .

Update 2022! We are still supporting!

This add-in provides live public news, announcements, product launches, corporate news, important press releases or any other event on your home page.

Gone are the days, where the Admin has to manually update content on your Company's SharePoint intranet.

Just add the webpart on your Intranet's landing page (or any page), and let it do the rest for you.

News are available for all 15000+ NASDAQ listed companies.

For other companies, type in your company name or relevant keywords.

Its a great add-in to boost your Intranet Adoption, drive Employee collaboration and enhance employee productivity.

Company News is a step ahead of RSS feeds where you dont have to rely on source data or wait for refresh.

Our API in the backend, uses state of the art and cutting edge artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms to pull in news from numerous websites around the globe.

Please contact us at the mentioned email ids inside the addin for license and activation.

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