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Draft and review contracts faster and more efficiently with Loio Contract Review Software

Contracts are essential for every industry. Whether you’re composing your contract from scratch, reviewing a fresh draft or fixing the overall look of your document, Loio’s here to help.

Loio helps law firms, in-house legal teams, and individual attorneys within seconds prepare their documents for the next steps and focus on high-level professional tasks. You can benefit from Loio in 4 ways:

Get instant reports on the “health” of your contract.

Loio scans your document to the core. And pinpoints minor and major issues in key information details of your document.

Eliminate all the found errors in seconds.

Browse through your contract sections within an organized document structure. Spot all problematic areas and fix them right away.

Use accurate and modern clauses.

Within more than 100 default contract snippets, form an essential type of your contract. Also, create your own clauses for your future agreements.

Ensure style and formatting excellence.

Even after multiple rounds of review, polish your document formatting easily with Loio.

Unlike most other software for legal professionals, Loio’s quick to set up, simple to learn, and immediate to bring results. Loio doesn’t automate lawyers' work entirely but helps with the most robotic and routine aspects of contract review — speeding up the overall productivity and workflow of legal professionals.

Enjoy our 14-day free trial with all Loio features and 24/7 support team. No commitments needed – get complimentary full support and risk-free cancellation at any time.


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