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Host kahoots within PowerPoint and make presentations awesome!

Keep audiences engaged and energized during presentations with the Kahoot! for PowerPoint add-in.

With the add-in, you can:

Deliver key information in PowerPoint slides, and host kahoots in presenter view.

Check in real-time if you landed key points by using quiz, true/false, type answer, and puzzle questions in your kahoot.

Spark discussions and gather instant feedback with polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions.

Collect, discuss, and vote on ideas with Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience, an easy way to involve every participant and surface great ideas.

How to get started:

Install the Kahoot! add-in for PowerPoint

Add content to PowerPoint slides.

Create your kahoot! Make sure to include audience participation features, and see if you landed your key points with assessment question types

Copy the link of the kahoot, and paste it into the Kahoot! add-in within PowerPoint.

Deliver your PowerPoint presentation, and host the kahoot without leaving presenter view.

Note: The add-in requires a subscription to Kahoot! 360 Standard, Kahoot! 360 Presenter, Kahoot! 360 Pro, or selected plans for educators. Sign up at

New to Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is the industry-leader in gamified learning. It’s used by millions of teachers and businesses - including 97% of the Fortune 500 - to make learning awesome. Sign up today at, and start creating quizzes, interactive presentations, and brainstorming sessions!

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