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Build personal connections in your company through spontaneous coffee meetings!

What if you actually knew everyone you work with? What if people weren't siloed into their own work streams? What would happen if trust was at the forefront of your company?

CoffeePals guides you with a collection of connection programs to help you create a more engaged and united team. Each cycle, participants will be matched with a new and exciting individual for a delightful coffee chat. Expand internal networks, spark fresh conversations, and provide a dynamic, ever-changing social experience with each encounter!

Join over 1,000 organizations building stronger relationships to boost employee retention, well-being, and productivity.

You can use CoffeePals to:

  • Introduce or onboard new hires (e.g. New Hire meet Employee)
  • Spark group conversation with thought-provoking questions (e.g “What is a book you can recommend to anyone?“)
  • Build connections across office locations (e.g. New York meet SF office)
  • Break down silos across departments (e.g. Engineering-meet-Sales or HR-meet-Marketing)!
  • Introduce mentors to mentees with a mentorship program
  • Run a lunch lottery
  • Create a meet the CEO lottery
  • Connect members of an employee resource group (ERG)
  • Help remote or hybrid employees feel connected
  • Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by facilitating connections among employees

On CoffeePals, we have:

  • 30+ program templates to choose from
  • Advanced, customizable messaging and program settings
  • Personal settings to pause matching, set preferred meeting times and more
  • Analytics dashboard to understand program performance
  • 1-click and automated meeting scheduling via Outlook

We're always adding more features!

For any questions, contact us!


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