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The interactive & collaborative financial reporting tool

Spreadsheet Link allows you to:

- Connect live data to Excel

- Import Syft reports directly to Excel

- Build custom formulae on top of Syft reports

- Upload financial and non-financial data to Syft

Key benefits

- One tool: Use Syft to visualize, analyze and forecast financial data from your favorite accounting and other data providers. Create beautiful reports, visualize data in graphs & dashboards, create KPIs, and build integrated forecasts.

- Consolidations: Use the leading consolidation tool - combine unlimited entities, add eliminations, account for acquisitions & disposals, include fractional ownership, and create beautiful reports. Support for +170 currencies.

- Export anywhere: Export any graph or report to PDF, Excel, Google Sheets or reimagine reporting with live view. Live views are secure, interactive, and collaborative online links to reports - the future of reporting.

About Syft

Syft Analytics is the award-winning interactive & collaborative financial reporting tool. From simple reports through to integrated forecasts, businesses and accountants use Syft to create, collaborate and explore beautiful financial reports. 9 out of 10 users say Syft is easier to use than other reporting solutions. Syft has over 1,000 5-star reviews across Xero, QuickBooks and Capterra. Join 100,000+ businesses that choose Syft with a 14-day free trial.

Please note: Access to some parts of this tool requires a paid subscription for the "Spreadsheet Link Add-on" available for purchase on


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