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Mobile training for the frontline workforce

Create, share and access interactive training designed for mobile, all within Microsoft Teams. eduMe users see faster onboarding, increased productivity, higher retention and a safer workforce.

eduMe customers see:

**Streamlined processes - a 70% reduction in onboarding time

**Retention of talent - a 2x increase in workforce retention

**Increased staff effectiveness - a 10% increase in quality of service

**Improved Health & Safety outcomes - a 26% reduction in workplace injuries

Engage with frontline teams through relevant, timely microlearning content that meets them in their existing workspaces.

Through eduMe and Microsoft Teams’ integration, create courses quickly with easy-to-use content builder tools, then simply select the teams who need to access them. Everything created, managed and accessed, without leaving Microsoft Teams.

To use this app an eduMe subscription is required. For more information please contact the eduMe team at

What can I do?

Content creation

- Intuitive creator tools allow you to build lesson content in a variety of interactive formats to help you explain concepts

- Customize content to your brand look and feel

- Simulate real-life scenarios with immersive content formats

Quizzes and assessments

- Reinforce key concepts with text, image and video-based quiz types

- Ensure compliance with scored assessments

Learner feedback and surveys

- Open up the conversation with your workforce and find out what matters to them

- Use in-course surveys to find out what content your learners find useful and adapt it for maximum impact

Swift course assignment

- Groups from your existing Microsoft Teams workspace are pulled through to eduMe; simply select who should see which courses to assign content

- Learners can access eduMe courses from their Microsoft Teams apps

Insights and reporting

- Track learner completions and course progress through detailed, in-app reports

- API and Webhook reporting allows you to pull real-time data from eduMe into your own systems and BI tools


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