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Protect your eyes while using digital screens, to prevent eye strain and visual fatigue

We spend so much time in front of digital screens and it is not healthy at all for our eyes. 75% of adults suffer from digital eye strain, which results in varying numbers and degrees of visual disorders (headaches, eye dryness, visual tingling,watery eyes,,,). Vizygood is a coach that will show you how to train your eyes to avoid visual fatigue or to reduce the impact of digital exposure for your eyes. Based on our expertise in preventive orthoptics, our eye fitness programs will allow you to gain efficiency, concentration and visual comfort without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment.

Main benefits:

  • A short questionnaire will enable Vizygood to calculate your Visual Vitality Index that indicates as well your level of visual fatigability
  • A personalized daily program based on your visual vitality index will offer you a large range of short tone, relax and concentration workouts. The eye fitness workouts are very short (less than 1 minute), do not require any material nor assistance, except the video tutorials from your coach Vizygood!
  • Vizygood will encourage you to have micro-visual breaks in order to increase your concentration capabilities and to learn to disconnect from your screen
  • You will also be able to test your ergonomics with your camera and to adjust your position in front of your screen. Personalized ergonomics tips will enable you to improve your work environment.
  • As you train your eyes and get new healthy habits for your eyes, you get higher scores and achieve upper levels of difficulty.
  • Vizygood is available in English and French.

Vizygood is designed to create a wellness-focused work environment and promote a responsible use of digital screens.

Vizygood is a preventive tool but is not a medical device and does not provide any medical diagnosis.


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