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Add live business data straight to SharePoint or Viva by easily creating lists, forms or dashboards

Make your SharePoint a hub that connects to any other application used in production. With this web part and Viva extension you can easily pull in live data from other business applications to create lists, counters and forms for your team

Getting started with App integrations

  1. Add the web part to a SharePoint page or your Viva Connections dashboard
  2. Click to edit it, then select Connect to an app
  3. Choose your application
  4. View your finished webpart
  5. Optional: Make changes using the Adaptive Cards designer

Instantly connect, integrate, sync with, export & pull reports from:

✅ Personal dashboard & digital workplace

  • Outlook – Next online meetings, shared mailboxes, lists in To Do
  • SharePoint – Favorited SharePoint sites, closest collaborators, quick access to relevant teams in Microsoft Teams
  • OneNote – Recently modified notebooks that you own or have access to
  • Google Workspace suite – Upcoming meetings for the day, see all your tasks in a list, recently updated documents in Google Drive and lists of specific labels from Mail

✅ CRM, Customer Service, Helpdesk

  • Hubspot – Lists including Contacts, Companies, Deals, Products, Properties, Quotes and Tickets. See Contacts that are part of specific Lists.
  • Salesforce – Import live reports data, lists about different stages in your sales funnels
  • Pipedrive – Current lists of contacts and get reports of your current deals at various stages
  • Zendesk – Export and monitor support tickets, see comments on posts and articles
  • Freshdesk – See all open tickets, tickets assigned to the user and get custom reports
  • Intercom – See a list of recent messages and unassigned conversations
  • Zoho Desk – Get a list of open tickets and all tickets assigned to the user

✅ HR & Employee services

  • Microsoft Team's Shifts – Upcoming shifts on any SharePoint page
  • SAP SuccessFactors – Clock-in, clock-out and keep track of online learning
  • Workday – Time off balances for your team, Leave calendar, submit new requests
  • Rotacloud – Weekly shift plan, upcoming shifts for the currently logged in user
  • BrightHR – Lists of holidays, shifts, sicknesses, HR documents, overtime, vaccinations and expenses
  • Sage Payroll – Recent pay slips

✅ Developer and Design tools, DevOps, REST API

  • Jira – Issues of any type, comments across all projects, custom filters using Jira Query Language (JQL)
  • Atlassian Confluence – Recent updates to pages
  • Github – Open issues from a team, repository or the currently logged in user, commits and pull requests
  • Gitlab – Recent commits for the team, see open issues, issues assigned to a user, recent comments on issues the user participates in
  • Netlify – Successful and failed deploys
  • Any REST API – Connect to APIs using an API key, token or username and password. Advanced queries with JMESPath
  • Any webhook – Simply catch webhook requests from any application that offers it and automatically collate a list or show the status of the most recent webhook

✅ E-commerce

  • Shopify – Reports such as about abandoned carts, lists of customer contact details, inventories, order or transactions. Lists of current marketing events, discount codes, price rules or products.
  • Stripe – Current charges, disputes, refunds, invoices or customer details

✅ Project management, OKR

  • Airtable – New rows and comments from any base as a list
  • Notion – List of databases in your Notion space
  • – Projects and notifications
  • Clickup – New comments, tasks and pre-defined views
  • Asana – Lists of tasks, projects and specific views from across workspaces
  • Trello – Cards assigned to a user from a specific Board, list of all Boards and their most recent updates
  • Google Sheets – Listen for new rows in existing tables and aggregate them into lists
  • Excel 365 – Import new data from Excel workbooks as lists into your SharePoint

✅ Processes, workflows & automation

  • ServiceNow – Live reports from available endpoints, including Cases, Knowledge Management, Orders, Product Inventory, Application Services, CMDB instances, Remote Help Requests, Workplace Service Delivery, Tickets, and more
  • Zapier – Zaps connected to one of over 5,000 applications are collected into a easily customizable lists
  • Workato – Get read-outs of workflows as a list, submit new data straight from the webpart to a workflow

✅ Cloud storage

  • Dropbox – Recent files, files shared with you
  • Box – Group folders, recently modified files, your favorited files and items
  • OneDrive – Documents from SharePoint Document pages, recently modified files (owned by or shared with you)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Access libraries, collaborate on files you are invited to
  • Sync – Recently updated files

✅ Finance Ops, Accounting & Tax

  • QuickBooks – Receive reports (including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flow) or raw data (including Accounts, Bills, Customers, Invoices, etc.)
  • Xero – See live reports (including Account Payables and Receivables, Balance Sheet, Budgets, Profit and Loss) or raw data (including Accounts, Transactions, Contacts, Credit notes, Expenses, Invoices, Payments, Purchase orders)
  • SAP Concur – Run reports, get a list for expense reports, attendees, digital receipts, expense entries by user, and more
  • Coupa – List or query individual entries

✅ Social media

  • Twitter – Search results for any given search term or hashtag
  • YouTube – Carousel of recently published videos from any channel
  • Facebook Page – Recent Facebook Reviews for your business

✅ Marketing data, Marketing Ops, agencies, campaigns

  • Mailchimp – Campaigns, updates about new subscribers
  • Sendinblue – Campaign performance, transactional email logs, new subscribers
  • ActiveCampaign – Receive calendar feeds, get lists of contacts and deals, import your notes, custom objects or recent events
  • Google Ads – Reports of your currently active campaigns, monthly performance metrics
  • Google Analytics 4 – Run analytics, get a list of the most popular pages (by views, sessions, users or segments)
✅ Can't find your app? Not a problem – either check our full App Directory, set up your own connection with our generic API connector, or let us know what integration you'd like to see.

❓Useful resources to get started

👉 Get started with App integrations
👉 See all compatible apps supported by App integrations
👉 See sample output (Adaptive Cards) designed for businesses

Create visually pleasing layouts with ease

The output generated by the web part is in the open-source Adaptive Card format. This means it can be easily modified using a built-in low-code designer. Here are a few examples of what you can build with the App integrations webpart:

  • Lists – collect updates into lists for recent tickets, issues, tasks, events, comments, mentions, notifications, and more
  • Quick summary (ideal for using Viva Connections dashboard as the corporate start page) – Get a bird's eye of the status for different applications. Easily identify if any app has a new update, news item, ticket or issue for the user
  • Knowledge bases & FAQs – Using a built-in natural language processor you can create a list of popular questions and answers that users may want to know. This is ideal for employee self-service improvements, specific policies or frequently recurring inquiries.
  • Charts [coming soon] – Visualize received data, for example a list of tasks or issues, into Gantt charts or pie & bar charts, top-10 tables and word clouds
  • Feed – Create lists with rich media like images, or a gallery of items of your latest news, reviews, statistics, etc.

Main benefits and features

App integrations is a straight-forward service that forwards live data from 3rd party apps into web parts you can easily place anywhere within SharePoint or Viva. But there's a few notable features that help youkeep a bird's eye view of your operations:
  • No coding skills required – The web part automatically analyzes the structure of your applications data to make it into beautiful lists. If you want to refine the layout, just use the built-in, low-code designer
  • Filters – The data that's being received can be further filtered for certain criteria using Microsoft Adaptive Expressions
  • Embed anywhere – Create a company start page by embedding the App integrations web part in other places, such as a chatbots for Microsoft Teams, Slack or Webex Teams; as well as other intranet products, such as Wordpress, Lumapps, Wix or Confluence
  • Personalized & always up-to-date – Users don't need to refresh anything, data is always pulled live from a secure API connection using their personal account credentials
  • Safe and secure – App integrations never saves any data on its servers, all data gets fetched at display time from your source app through the client. Adenin, the company behind App integrations, is GDPR compliant as it never stores or transfers any of the connected apps' data to its servers.
  • Usage logs – Track what users are doing with usage metrics and get a log of API requests along with possible error code scenarios

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