Esgeo AddIn for Excel

durch Avvale S.p.A.

ESGeo Add-In for Excel can connect to your ESGeo SaaS solutions getting data to your Microsoft Excel

The ESGeo add-on for Excel provides access to all process KPIs with both quantitative and qualitative values. The ESGeo add-on allows you to read the values by selecting from the panel the process, the organizational unit reporting a single indicator or the complete list. It also allows you to compose a table using the functions and setting its parameters to obtain both textual and numerical indicator values.

ESGeo Excel Add-in offers the freedom to compose tables by comparing the values of different processes or updating your standard templates by simply changing the pointers to processes making control reports dynamic.

The ESGeo Add-in is a component that require a subscription to the ESGeo SaaS solutions.

The ESGeo Add-in can connect to all your environments from anywhere, from office, home or while traveling.


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  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.

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