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Your AI Excel Assistant, Helping You Work Smarter and Faster! Start Your 7-Day Free Trial Today!

Array Assistant is a Taskpane Plugin for Microsoft Excel that allows you to integrate the new capabilities of AI directly into your Excel spreadsheet. With our tools, you work smarter and faster while doing less tedious busy-work! Start your first week today for Free!

We offer a number of great tools, with more on the way, that can help to speed up your work-day. Some of our current features include:

- List Building

- Data Extraction

- Formula Generation

- Complex Problem Solving

- Instant Grammar Checking

- Summarization

- Automatic Data Cleaning

- Text Generation

- PDF Bot

- VBA Code Designer

- And Much More...

We offer 3 great pricing tiers so, no matter what business you're in, we can help you save time at the right price. Now, you can take advantage of our launch sale and try your first two weeks for Free! For more information on pricing, check out our website at!

The current promotion allows you to try out our services for your first 7 Days for free! The promotion will last till the New Year, so give it a try today. We hope you find value in our product as we continuously work to create a better and more useful Excel Plugin!


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