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Helpdesk, a certified Microsoft 365 App Compliance Solution, ensures swift, secure issue resolution

Our Helpdesk System, a cloud-based product in Microsoft 365, Our ticket management software is like a superhero for handling issues in organizations. It works smoothly with Microsoft SharePoint 365 and Teams to make managing tickets easier. Plus, it speaks many languages, so people around the world can use it in their own language.

With aneasy-to-use Dashboard, you can take charge of managing tickets effortlessly. It puts allthe support tasks in one place, showing both ongoing and pending ones, making it simple to keep track and prioritize them efficiently.

Our Helpdesk System is all about saving you time, cutting costs, and making you more productive. Easily organize your info by importance and concentrate on what's most important. Keep an eye on how quickly we solve issues with our time-tracking feature, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Plus, you can easily access the complete history of your requests with our strong data management.

Here is a Key features of the Helpdesk System:

  • Welcome Hub:

The main page predominantly highlights a dashboard overview that displays user ticket activity.

  • Tickets Pathways:

In the Ticket Section the User can create or manage there ticket as well as their pending tickets from the tickets tab.

    • My Tickets
    • My Pending Tickets
    • All Tickets
    • Auto Email Ticketing
    • My Board (Kanban Board)

  • FAQs:

The FAQs section aggregates inquiries raised by users along with prompt solutions, aiming to deter the recurrence of identical ticket submissions.

  • Custom fields & Emails::

The Custom Email and Field tabs make it easier to communicate in a personalized way and collect information efficiently, which helps improve customer support.

  • Reports::

The Reports tab delivers insightful analytics for informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Admin:

The admin can view and manage details of all admins, along with editing, adding, deleting, and overseeing organization-wide tickets, including email ticketing, reassignment, FAQs, custom fields, and reports.

Explore the benefits of our licensed version tailored to meet the needs of potential customers:

  • Microsoft 365 Cloud-based Modern SharePoint App.
  • Intuitive User Interface with Multi-lingual Support.
  • Individual Ticket Queues
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Automatic Email ticket generation
  • Email notifications on each ticket updates.
  • Data Categorization Based on Priorities
  • Robust Data Management for Ticket History
  • Make our Helpdesk System work wonders for you! Get organized support, easy ticket handling, and happy customers.No more confusion just a quick boost in getting things done!

    This App Includes:

    • Support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "Full-page" web part components.
    • Additional purchase may be required.

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