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Produce on-brand, impactful emails company-wide with UpSlide Signatures Add-in for Outlook

Make email signature management more efficient for the teams in charge, whether it’s marketing, branding or IT. That means no more off-brand signatures, deployment roadblocks or technology siloes across your whole organization.

Easily build premium signatures for Outlook:

• Build flawless email signatures in minutes; customize fonts, layout and display information to fit your brand guidelines.

• Drag and drop logos and banners into your signatures without losing quality.

• Roll out branding changes company-wide without the need for technical support.

Keep signatures up-to-date and legally compliant:

• Keep employee information current by syncing Outlook Signature Manager with Entra ID.

• Signatures update automatically with Entra changes, such as promotions or office moves.

• Add pre-approved disclaimers to team signatures for legal and privacy compliance.

Run specialized marketing campaigns across multiple teams

• Manage all signatures within a centralized platform.

• Launch targeted signature banner campaigns with team-specific hyperlinks.

• Track signature banner campaign success with in-app analytics.

Access email signatures with full flexibility

• Choose from multiple signature banners via an in-app menu, ensuring that clients see the most relevant content.

• Users can access the Outlook Signature Manager via iOS so they can still deliver on-brand, impactful emails on the go.

Say goodbye to siloed technology

A consolidated tech stack is the first step towards increased efficiency across your business. UpSlide is the one-stop solution for your branding and productivity needs in Microsoft 365.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 13 years of experience, our software seamlessly integrates across Microsoft 365, helping you save up to 33h per month in Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Power BI.


Contact us to see our main features in action, and have a tailored offer for your needs.


Wenn diese App verwendet wird, wird sie
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  • Diese App kann den Inhalt von Elementen in Ihrem Postfach lesen oder ändern sowie neue Elemente erstellen. Sie kann in jeder Nachricht und in jedem Kalenderelement auf persönliche Informationen zugreifen, beispielsweise Text, Betreff, Absender, Empfänger oder Anlagen. Sie sendet diese Daten möglicherweise an einen Drittanbieterdienst.
Dieses Add-In kann sich selbst starten, wenn:
  • Der Benutzer verfasst eine neue E-Mail.
  • Der Benutzer erstellt ein neues Ereignis.

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