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A GPT-based Copilot that helps you edit Excel, Word, and PPT effortlessly

Sally Suite Add-in is an AI copilot that helps users simplify the operation of Excel , improve their work efficiency, and gain deeper insight into the data.

The Add-in mainly provides basic functions such as assisting in creating tables, formatting tables, creating charts, translating, etc. At the same time, with the help of ChatGPT, it can generate charts for spreadsheet and help you analyze the data to get a deep insight into the data, to let the data create more value.

Create Sheet

Enter the name of the sheet you want to create, and the assistant will suggest the columns of the sheet according to the prompts to help you create the sheet quickly.

Write Function

Enter your requirements about Function/Formula, then GPT will recommend the function expression , then add it to cell.

Filter Data

Just enter the conditions and then filter the data by the conditions and save it as another worksheet.

Create or Recommend Charts

Input the chart you want to create, such as line chart, bar chart, pie chart, or let GPT recommend charts for you.

Translate Sheet

You can translate all Sheet, or translate a selected range.

Extract info from the Image

Use GPT-V to extract tables formulas, and diagrams from images, and help you analyze charts.

Data Analysis

Helps you analyze data using the Python interpreter and generate data analysis reports while unleashing your Python skills with the Python editor.

Coder Interpreter

Provide Python-based code interpreter, convenient for you to do data analysis, generate charts, clean data, and greatly improve your work efficiency.


Provides a lightweight Jupyter editor to help you better generate Python code and analyze data.

Customize Agent

We built the Add-in based on Agent, and you can build your own Agent based on your needs!

Support Word

Helping you translate, expand, abbreviate, embellish, summarize, generate headings, and help you write LaTex formulas.

Support PPT

Helping you improve writing, generate headings, generate images, search images, and help you generate presentations.


We offer a free trial of 10,000 points. If you have your own OpenAI Key, you can use this Add-in for free. We also offer paid plans for purchasing points as needed, as well as annual subscription plans.


The current version of the custom function does not support this version:

Microsoft 365 version 16.0.13530.20424 or greater with Edge WebView2 installed on Windows 10.


Wenn diese App verwendet wird, wird sie
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