Edugain: Math for Grades 4 to 10


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Unlimited math resources: worksheets, online tests and online practice. Questions never exhaust.

Edugain is a math learning app for children, parents, teachers and schools.

Subjects available: Math

Grades supported: 4 to 10

Edugain for Parents

Edugain turns parents into math super-teachers of their children. It gives them a unique ability to not only quickly find the next set of actions their child should take to achieve previously stated goals, but also gives them endless printable resources as well as online activities (practice sessions, online tests, live global challenges) needed at a given moment, at the click of a button. No other currently available system offers the high quality mix of unlimited printables and online activities, with detailed answers, as Edugain. Also add to it the fact that parents can select both school level exams or competitive exams like Olympiads as goals for their child, and Edugain immediately starts working with the parent and child as a virtual teacher who is determined to make sure the child succeeds by developing the needed understanding well in time before the actual exam(s).

Edugain for Teachers

Edugain empowers math teachers to be the great math teacher they always wanted to be. With Edugain, they no longer need to worry about selecting questions for classwork, homework or periodic assessments -- unlimited customizable printable worksheets and tests, with new questions every time, are available to them at the click of a button for exactly the mix of topics that are next in their plan. They can find more time and save more energy to focus more on engaging and talking to their students. They can view progress of students in all their classes on a single screen, and create individualized or differentiated printable or online assignments for each student or a few broad groups of students according to their pace of understanding.

Edugain for Schools

Schools today set aside huge bandwidth/time of their teachers on tasks like worksheet preparation or lesson planning. Edugain empowers their teachers to be able to spend more time talking to and focusing on each student by doing all the heavy lifting of preparing worksheets and assessments, and keeping track of individual student progress. Edugain’s special emphasis on helping students develop and track the understanding of math as a subject helps schools improve academic results.

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