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The App Part serves as addition or replacement of Quick Launch navigation for sites Site Collections

Sharxx All MY SITE COLLECTIONS App Part serves as Addition or replacement of Quick Launch navigation for sites, Site Collections and My Sites.

With the Sharxx All MY SITE COLLECTIONS, App Part all personal Site Collections / Sites are displayed.

This ensures an optimal overview of all sites reached on the user has access.

For an optimal Performance was searching as a data source realized.


Add the App Part in to your site and save the site. By Default the App Part display all site collections with Title and Description. You will redirected, if you click on the link.


In the settings menu you can change the display to sites, websites or my sites. Also you can change that only the title or the description of the found results will be displayed. If you activate "open in new window" you will not redirected, but the link will open a new window.


The app part is search driven, so it will only display results, that are findable through search.

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