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This is an add in that allows you to access your existing Imagevault assets

This is a demo for evaluation purposes only.

ImageVault Connect for Office is an add in that allows you to search for or browse your existing ImageVault media library to find and use the files you are looking for based on metadata and categories. Since ImageVault Connect for Office is using your existing ImageVault user credentials, the permissions to stored assets will be reflected from ImageVault to ImageVault Connect for Office and the search result will only display the files that you have rights to view.

Using images from ImageVault to your Word or PowerPoint documents by a single click. With this handy and smart connection the user saves time, reduces the number of job operations and possible sources of errors and always gives the users access to the assets in your company media bank.

Key Features:

• Simpler and more efficient use of your existing ImageVault media bank

• Same username and premission as in existing ImageVault web interface

• Powerful and flexible search function

• Quick response with low resolution preview image

• Easy to install and connect to your existing ImageVault media bank

Note! ImageVault Connect for Office is a connector to facilitate the usage of media files from your existing ImageVault Media Asset Management system, hence an existing ImageVault server and valid credentials are required to use this product. Though an existing ImageVault is not required to use the demo version

ImageVault is a stand alone Media Asset Management solution that provides everything you need to securily store, find and use all your digital media. Connect the platform with you current publishing and media sources and let ImageVault be your central hub for all your digital media. Available integrations include Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, EPiServer CMS and Adobe Indesign.

Note! This app requires Internet Explorer 10 or later.


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