Advanced Find and Replace

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Quickly find and replace values or formulas in all selected sheets at once

This add-in enables you to find and replace data in multiple sheets at once. Advanced search options make it flexible and let you narrow down the results to just the records you need:

  • Select the sheets or range for the search

  • Look for values or formulas
  • Make search case-sensitive
  • Find cells that contain only the searched record

The add-in will quickly scan the file and show you a full list of matches grouped by sheet. You can see where the given value or formula is located, see its type, and go to any of the entries by simply clicking on it in the list.

There are two replacement options you can employ: change all found values in a single click, or replace any particular result.

This add-in does not support Excel 2013.

Advanced Find and Replace is perfect to make any kind of substitutions in your online Excel 2016 sheets in seconds.


Wenn diese App verwendet wird, wird sie
  • Es kann Ihr Dokument lesen und Änderungen vornehmen.
  • Es kann Daten über das Internet senden.

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