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Stop copying Excel sheets and start using Excel in a new way!

Automate your data collection processes and give your collectors control over their data. Test the system with our public showcases and get a FREE or ENTERPRISE plan to use it productive. automatizes those processes, where businesses typically (1) use standardized „Excel forms“ (2) to collect data from at least 2 people inside or outside the organization, (3) aggregate the data for reporting reasons, (4) share the reports with management on all levels and with the collectors themselves and (5) repeat the process on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis. is a productivity tool which – like MS Excel® – can be used in many areas. Our development is focussed on data collection processes for businesses (B2B) in the following fields of application:

  • Collection of Financial Data - Collect and share monthly sales forecasts from your sales team, financial statements from your group subsidiaries, cost budgets from your department leaders and many more.

  • Collection of KPIs & Targets - Collect and share target values for KPIs and Key Results (OKR) from your team members on a weekly or monthly basis. Use those targets as input for your dashboarding application, add actuals and take actions for your business.

  • Tracking of Contracts & Projects - Collect and share information continously about the daily status and the future implications of your contracts (employees, loans, leases, etc.) and your projects (orders, investments, etc.).

What makes unique? is the first solution that uses native MS Excel ® to collect and share data from 1, 10, 100 or 1000s users into a secure cloud service.

  • #1 Cloud connected Excel - read from and write to a cloud application

  • #2 Dimension tree - real-time aggregation and multi-user security

  • #3 Collection workflows - get your collection processes automatized uses Templates in Excel or Excel Online as User Interface (Frontend), a modern Excel Web Add-In for the data exchange (read/write) and a MS Azure hosted Cloud Service to store/retrieve the data in/from the application database (Backend).


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