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Manage goals and OKRs right from Microsoft Teams

With Mooncamp, you can drive alignment, focus, and transparency in your organization, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.


* The easiest way to manage OKRs in Microsoft Teams, so everyone can stay focused on the goals that matter

* Create greater transparency and alignment by making company and team OKRs visible

* Promote better collaboration by sharing your progress updates

* Check your OKR progress to see if your organization or team is still on track


* View, create or edit your Team or Company OKRs right from a tab inside Microsoft Teams

* Receive reminders to make sure your OKRs are up-to-date

* Get notifications about updates, comments or mentions on OKRs

* Ask the Mooncamp chatbot to list your goals, so you can quickly swipe through and update them in one go

User needs to have subscription to use Mooncamp. If you don't have a Mooncamp account yet, you can [sign up for a free 14-day trial]( and begin tracking your goals in Mooncamp. Please contact us here []( for more details.


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