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The China heat map of sharewinfo is a product that uses different color blocks superimposed on

Designed for the Chinese geographical data, thermal maps can be classified by region of the data displayed on the map, through different colors to render the analysis of the area distribution of objects, and can adjust the display of color intensity and blur degree. The larger the amount of data, the darker the color of the display block. Users can get a glimpse of the map's thermal efforts, but also through latitude data, for the city, and even around the country a subject (such as the weather) of the heat can be mastered. Characteristics ****Support Offline map This allows you to do not need to open each time online load map information, greatly enhance the production and reading report efficiency, so that interactive operation more smooth and smooth. ****Support a key switch between map and provincial map in China You can select the type of map in a single key in a configuration item, whether it is a national map or any province, and can be easily displayed. ****Rich Visual Configuration Items • Support arbitrary settings want to show in the middle of the map latitude and longitude, so that readers at a glance; • Supports the configuration of color gradient range, the map will automatically according to the size of the number of color classification; • Support for setting title, legend, text attributes, highlight areas, and color of data points, and so on.

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