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Streamline event tracking in Power BI | Power BI Certified

Calendar by MAQ Software is an integral tool for event management within Power BI. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Power BI reports, it allows for effective scheduling and tracking of key events, providing a clear, calendar-based overview of your important dates.

Key benefits:

  • Event grouping: Categorize and group events for streamlined management.
  • Flexible views: Choose from Month, Week, Day, or List views based on your preference.
  • Easy navigation: Directly navigate to detailed event information with a simple click.
  • Customizable work settings: Set specific workdays and hours for tailored scheduling.
  • Customizable views: Added Year, Semester, and Quarter as new options for broader time management.
  • Enhanced week and list views: Option to hide the time for a cleaner look.
  • Multi-event selection: Ability to select and manage multiple events simultaneously.

Use Cases:

  • Project Managers: Stay on top of project schedules and crucial deadlines.
  • Sales & Marketing teams: Monitor significant dates in your campaigns.
  • Human Resources: Manage organizational events, vacations, and performance reviews.

What's New in

  • Added options for event formatting
  • Ability to show & style holidays as separate event type

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support

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