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Generate text output from source data in a range of formats - a textual data card you can copy from

This visual allows you to generate text (structured or unstructured) based on source data from your Power BI reports. This can be used to generate messages, content for posts, and stylized data for consumption in tools outside of Power BI. This makes it ideal to serve as a textual data card where you can control the output. Don't like the export format that Power BI provides natively? This is a good option to look at for that purpose, too.

You can choose from numerous preset formats, or roll your own output format using a simple yet powerful template language. Documentation for this is available at

General features of Text From Values include:
  • Create text that's based on report data which can in turn be copied-and-pasted out of the visual and into other places such as posts, email and chat.
  • Optionally merge "like values" (for example, text values that only differ in case, diacritic usage, punctuation, etc.)
  • Generate well-formed output formats that Power BI does not normally export. Gain more control over tweaks to your data when making it available to other tools.
  • Control settings globally or at a column-level.
  • Able to use advanced mark-up which resembles HTML to build complex cards (1.2).
The sample pbix file that can be downloaded here and on provides a detailed look at how you can use this visual: we highly encourage reviewing it since it can answer many questions.

The visual is free to use in Power BI Desktop for single-user use. Shared use licensing is available through AppSource (per user in Power BI Service), and organizational licensing is available (cost effective for a large number of users, no per user licensing, works in all environments; see for details). Support, feature requests and on-line help is available at Come sign up for a free account to get updates and other special perks. We are always interested in hearing about your needs, and you can also contact us directly at

NOTE: If you plan to use AppSource licensing, please visit our AppSource Purchase Guide at

Release Notes are available at

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