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Waterfall and bar charts with new comparison features. Stacked, deviations, grouping and more!

Create engaging reports and offer unimagined comparison possibilities!

With Innofalls you can create many types of charts: Waterfall charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts.

We offer a new way to set up and explore your visual. Our concept of “navigation instead of configuration” lets you create your chart in an interactive manner. Use our drill down history to combine multiple drill downs and create the waterfall chart you need - fast.

You can add dynamic comparison charts with a single click, even as a report viewer. Switch between chart types anytime to view your data from a different perspective.
Furthermore, we offer advanced features like waterfall stacking, chart grouping by columns and other interactive features like Undo and Redo.

Have a look at our introduction video, for a brief overview how to get started with Innofalls.

Don't hesitate to contact us for support. Email us at or visit our support area at

This visual is free without limitations for Power BI Desktop. For any other environment (e.g. Power BI Service) you need a license. You can request a free 30-day trial license on our website.

Chart Types:

  • Delta Waterfall Charts
  • Running Total Waterfall Charts
  • Deviation Waterfall Charts
  • Stacked Waterfall Charts
  • Bar / Column Charts
  • Stacked Bar / Column Charts
  • Deviation(Variance) Charts
  • Custom Combinations of Chart Types (New)


  • Sorting and Top/Bottom N
  • Conditional Formatting (New)
  • Drill Down History
  • Undo / Redo
  • Dynamic Zoom
  • Dynamic Deviation Chart Selection
  • Full Menu in Reading View (can be disabled)

Other Features:

  • Chart Grouping by Measures, Dimension or Both
  • Automatic Chart Orientation
  • Automatic Rest Depending on Visual Size
  • Power BI Theme
  • IBCS Formatting
  • Drill Down Preview

Please see our change log for recent updates.

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