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Clustered bar chart with the possibility to stack one of the bars

Improve the clustered bar chart stacking one of the bars. Stacked Bar Chart with Line by JTA - The Data Scientist's Visualization Tool

This powerful visual seamlessly merges the simplicity of a traditional bar chart with the versatility of a stacked bar, revolutionizing the way you showcase multiple datasets in a single, cohesive display.

Unlocking a new dimension of insight, our visual features a dynamic line that provides a snapshot of data trends at a glance. Navigate through your data effortlessly with multiple configurations, gaining a swift and comprehensive understanding of your information.

Tailor your visual experience with an array of functionalities and customization options, enabling you to effortlessly compare a primary metric with the performance of an entire set. The flexibility to customize the visual according to your unique preferences empowers you to harness the full potential of your data.

Features of Stacked Bar Chart with Line:

  • Stack the second bar
  • Format the Axis and Gridlines
  • Add a legend
  • Format the colors and text
  • Add a line chart
  • Format the line
  • Add marks to the line
  • Format the labels for bars and line

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