Scatter Plot with Line marks (instead of Dots)

Show line/dash instead of dots in scatter chart

Scatter plot with line/dash as mark points instead of dot. Default scatter plot visuals have a filled or hollow circle shape. If you are used to advanced visuals with Tableau, this option will allow you to create visuals with multiple markers to visualize more than one data field. for e.g. with circles you can show Discounts, and instead of using the same circles for Profit margin, use a dash or star or diamond, to highlight this second data field Features in this always free visual: Rich Formatting Options - titles, labels, and tooltips, font sizes, colors, background colors. Features available through further customisation using our visual editor
  • Additional markers like ■ ▲ ⬥ ✗ – etc
  • Custom label formatting
  • Custom Tooltip formatting
ABOUT PBIVIZEDIT: This visual was developed with our PBIVizEdit tool, an incredibly powerful click-and-select self-service Power BI custom-visual editor. With the tool, you can
  • Select-click to create and modify Power BI custom visuals
  • Takes 15 mins - no coding needed
  • Export your visuals and use it in Power BI
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