Census Data Map

durch Attadale Partners, LLC

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Renders common census data elements onto a map inside of a report

This free app contains basic demographic info from the U.S. Census in map format. Where appropriate, demographic filters can be toggled off and on to more actively target specific populations. Unlock insights with a few clicks of a button! This ready-built, Power BI native app template makes it possible to set up maps showing demographic information for marketing, strategy, operations, facilities planning, and other use cases where understanding the geographic distribution of current or potential customers is beneficial. Formatting information and importing data to Power BI from the U.S. Census Bureau can be time-consuming, and configuring a map to display this information usefully can involve challenges as users work around constraints of the Power BI ecosystem. Additional data elements, or elements from other data sources (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics, proprietary user data), can be added upon request.

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