Demand forecasting Dashboard

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Demand forecasting for your products/services backed by machine learning

Alpha.AI Dashboard Get insights into your demand forecasts. Drill down in the product catalog hierarchy and drill through to get a specific product details. Compare how forecasts evaluate over time and against actual results. About Alpha.AI See how our machine learning backed forecasting engine predicts demand for your products and/or services. It trains a dedicated model for each of the products/services with respect to:
  • growth trend — do demand grows over time or is the growth reducing? what’s the nature of the trend: is it linear or logistic?
  • seasonality — how the growth is impacted by various seasonalities; is the demand higher on specific days of the week? what about working days v/s weekends? or summertime vs winter?
  • special days — are there any particular days during which the demand is significantly higher or lower than usually? maybe during national bank holidays? major sport or cultural events? how about planned marketing events?
Our cloud-based forecasting service can be invoked on-demand or scheduled for recurring execution. You can also use it on-premises of your hosting center. It can be configured to be fed with input data from any source. Output forecasts can be accessed via dedicated API or directly from database. Contact us to get more details on integration capabilities..

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