Ed-Fi Student Equity App

durch IntePort

Level the playing field by quantifying your students' digital equity.

Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, each with unique experiences and situations that can shape their educational journey. Tracking basic data – personal access to Wifi, dedicated laptops or tablets, plus access to STEM courses and AP classes, and contrasting that data with their academic achievements can play a key role in guiding measures to improve universal access on multiple fronts.

IntePort’s Ed-Fi Student Equity App shows class access by ethnicity/race, gender, grade, school, zip code and program, populated with Ed-Fi's sample data so you can quickly see how the analytics work and what they can do for your students. The included pre-built reports can be edited and shared securely across your district, and it's easy to create new visuals within Power BI's drag and drop interface.

At any time you can replace the sample dataset with your district's SIS data by deploying and configuring IntePort's Ed-Fi Implementation Suite for Azure (see Moving to Production below), and then follow the simple steps described.

Moving to Production

The Ed-Fi Alliance provides valuable K-12 data standards and technologies to enable interoperability across disparate systems (SIS, Assessment, etc.) and holistic, student-centric analytics. However, effectively implementing and supporting the technologies Ed-Fi provides still requires considerable cloud and technical expertise - which is where we come in.

IntePort’s Ed-Fi Implementation Suite for Azure solution makes it simple for K-12 IT groups to deploy the full Ed-Fi technology stack for one or multiple districts in minutes – with no cloud or technical expertise required. That solution is available for immediate download on the Azure Marketplace here and includes a 30-day free-trial period.

Please explore our other free K-12 Power BI Apps that address specific K-12 analytics use cases. Each is pre-populated with Ed-Fi sample data, making it simple to access robust analytics in minutes - with no expense or additional technology required.

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