PMC for HR App

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PMC for HR App is a solution for all HR departments to visualize human resources lifecycle

Power Management Cockpit (PMC) are a set of cockpits to help business units such as Sales, Risk, HR, Sustainability, Finance, Operations, etc. We call them the Eye of the Business. PMC for HR allows customer managing all metrics of the employee journey is not an easy task. With a clear vision of the employee lifecycle and definition that guarantees a measure of the expected experience you are empowered with a tool that ensures an efficient management. Take advantage of the full-featured, integrated development environments that allows you to control all aspects of human resource management. On-premises or in the cloud: we’ll meet you where you are and with every stakeholder that should access to the information. PMC for HR ensures the data collection from the systems that you already use and allows you to navigate by the most important metrics for your business decision. Enhance security, simplify access, and set smart policies across your different departments with a single identity platform. Explore your data knowing that is the right and only trustful value and get it with beautiful visualizations. The dashboards, graphical indicators and reports in PMC 4 HR are presented in the form of crystal-clear, intuitive and to-the-point insights that help support critical business decisions, predict trends or find new business opportunities. Outcome: with the PMC4HR customer will get a fully functional Power BI dashboard deployed on-prem or on Microsoft Azure consuming HR customer data from identified sources (directly or imported). Singularity uses a design thinking / agile methodology to jointly build the solution tailored for customer needs. Estimate price is 60.000 EUR for an 8-week implementation program. Price may vary according to data sources, data transformation / preparation / operations needed, the number of KPI and the drill-down dashboards. Final price may with the existing licensing agreements, as solution needs Power BI / Office 365 / Azure licences.

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