ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains

durch ABB

Suite of solutions - from devices, software to services for motors, drives, pumps, mounted bearings

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains optimizes the performance and efficiency of rotating equipment in the process, discrete and infrastructure industries. It enables full transparency on all parameters for drives, motors, mounted bearings and pumps, and can also be applied to applications such as compressors, conveyors, mixers and extruder main shafts. Users can digitally “see” operational variables and health indicators through an integrated, one-stop portal – including availability, environmental conditions and fault events.

Connected drives, motors, bearings and pumps provide data for advanced monitoring and analytics to improve
- the performance
- reliability
- efficiency

Safety for discrete industries:

safety is critical to discrete industries such as the food and beverage and logistics sectors. A malfunction or mechanical problems in an application may cause a serious safety hazard for the machine and for employees. With ABB solution production managers and operators can identify malfunctions via the monitoring portal, remotely, to support safe operations.

Reliability for process industries:

process industries, such as mining, oil and gas, metals and pulp & paper need to ensure 24/7 reliability of their operations. A process failure in any of these industries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in unplanned downtime.

Global mining company, Glencore, has been using the ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain to have a broader view of equipment monitoring:
“We use the condition monitoring service for powertrains in the seawater pumps system, that distributes cooling water in our factory. It is a critical part of the process, and we already have a monitoring solution for the pumps and motors connected to the control system but not remote monitoring for drives,” says Sigurd Bjerland, Maintenance Electrical Engineer at Glencore Nikkelverk. “The integration of ABB Ability™ gives us the possibility to collect more information on the cooling status of the drives and compare data coming from the two monitoring solutions. It is beneficial to be able to see the condition of our equipment online.”

Efficiency for infrastructure:

ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain condition monitoring solutions are successfully used in cooling, heating, water and other building applications. The Swedish water utility company Uppsala Vatten och Avfall uses the solution so that its plant operators receive reports on real-time indicators like reliability, usage patterns, power consumption and stress levels. These are updated and accessible at any time. ABB specialists can analyze the equipment, for example to understand the impact of the environment on specific components.

The key element in advanced analytics and maintenance planning for motors, pumps and mounted bearings is ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor, converting powertrain elements into smart, wirelessly connected IoT-devices.

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