Atrius Navigator

durch Acuity Brands, Inc.

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Atrius Navigator SDK provides administration, indoor positioning, visualization and wayfinding

Atrius Navigator is a cloud-based software service that includes SDK, administration, and visualization interfaces to deliver precise indoor positioning with centimeter level location accuracy using VLC and wayfinding.

  • The software leverages the Atrius® ecosystem and sensor fusion technologies on users’ mobile devices.
  • Enhance mobile applications with real-time location-based interactions.
  • Redefine visitor journeys and augment business revenues with point of interest search, wayfinding, proximity-based promotional offers and notifications, and on-demand customer assistance.
  • Includes Atrius Navigator SDK and Atrius Admin web-based tool
  • Deepen spatial and behavioral analysis by displaying data from Atrius Navigator and Atrius Assets within Atrius Insights, web-based spatial analytics dashboard

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