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Automate your IT Helpdesk with Virtual Agents

Automate your IT Helpdesk with Virtual Agents

One-stop intelligent solution for all your IT support queries & requests.

Get answers to all your IT-related queries, create & track IT support requests, reset passwords, receive real-time alerts, update software and much more using the smart & intelligent IT Helpdesk bot.

We are offering an exclusive 14-day free-trail. Try our IT Helpdesk bot on MS Teams and discover the advantages by yourself.

IT Helpdesk Bot can be quickly installed and added to your Teams. Once you have done that all you have to say is ‘Hi’ or ‘What can you do’, to get started.

Meet the IT Assistant:

IT Helpdesk Bot as a Digital Colleague:

· Answers natural language queries

· Provides instant troubleshooting

· Enables seamless Agent Handover

· Supports carousels, cards, buttons, and rich media

· Replies in voice and/or chat

· Performs Bing search

· Sends email notifications

· Delivers 24X7 support

· Increases usability with adaptive UI

· Provides multilingual support

· Provides multi-channels access

IT Helpdesk Bot as a digital IT team member:

· Improves productivity with RPA edge

· Enhances performance with guaranteed uptime

· Secures access with authentication management

· Enables no code third-party integrations (ServiceNow, Jira, Service Desk Plus, Salesforce, etc.)

· Supports ITSM incident management support

· Provides prebuilt dashboards and analytics

· Analyses satisfaction scores

· Designs intuitive admin account

. Tracks outage alerts

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