Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors enabled on Azure

durch ANSYS, Inc.

Ansys AVxcelerate supports the development of cutting-edge ADAS and Autonomous systems

High-fidelity physics-based camera, radar and lidar sensor simulation with ground truth information, Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors is part of the Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation product family.

Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors readily integrates the simulation of sensors such as real time radar, camera, lidar, and ultrasonic sensor types. Powerful graphical visualization capabilities enable you to assess your complex ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles virtually, by connecting true physics and functional operations with the driving simulator of your choice. Benefit from the proven Ansys physics-simulation capabilities to recreate sensor behavior, and easily retrieve sensor results through a dedicated interface. This solution provides a unique way to collect virtual sensor information during driving and use the information to develop ADAS and autonomous control software.

Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors is an open and scalable modular simulation solution that integrates with open-source and commercially available driving simulators such as Carla, IPG Automotive CarMaker, NI monoDrive, and others. Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors can be run on Microsoft Azure to take advantage of the massively parallel compute resources. Automotive sensors suppliers building autonomous systems or automotive OEM’s running detailed validations both benefit from this powerful physics-based simulation capability.

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