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Anzyz AI-Insight

Anzyz Technologies AS

Anzyz offers an algorithm that analyzes data with self-learning artificial intelligence


Anzyz is a Norwegian AI-company, which offers an innovative and time-saving approach to traditional AI-technologies. Through its unique qualities, Anzyz AI-Insight can analyze data, irrelevant of size or language. There is no manual tagging involved, which enables a rapid and streamlined process. The high accuracy rate allows for a thorough and robust approach to data analysis. 

1. Anzyz can analyze any language.

2. Anzyz is fast, due to self-learning.

3. Anzyz can analyze both Small Data and Big Data, irrespective of format.

 4. Anzyz will help you save time and money.

 5. Anzyz will help you uncover the value in your data.

How Anzyz creates value:


• Use Anzyz to prevent customer churn.

 • Use Anzyz to analyse customer feedback.

 • Use Anzyz to ensure the quality of you customer service. 


• Use Anzyz to identify potential risks to productivity.

 • Use Anzyz in HSEQ to ensure the safety of your production.


• Use Anzyz to increase patient safety, while saving valuable time for healthcare personnel.

 • Use Anzyz to cut costs and increase efficiency.

 • Customer success story: Anzyz has created a Clinical Decision Support System, which identifies and classifies allergies of concern for anesthesia during surgery. 


• Use Anzyz to identify and analyse potential threats to society.