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Apptimized Assess


Manual Tests of Windows apps on cloud or local infrastructure based upon customer test cases

IT Pro's and application owners of multi-national Enterprises and SMB's have one thing in common: They are struggling with the availability, usability, cost and other obstacles that come with their (absent) in-house test environment.

This is true across all verticals and sectors. In result, application tests are not conducted properly and not on a regular basis. Even if they are done by IT, they are often missing the involvement of business users into the process as important contributors and validators.

Apptimized Assess reduces the costs for testing and increases the speed by more than 50% by enabling business units to contribute to the testing process and cut testing times. As SaaS platform hosted on secure and scalable Microsoft Azure, it provides 24/7 availability of your app test center in an easy use package.
  • automated, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use test environment in the cloud
  • instant availability
  • migrating applications/ packages to Windows 10
  • rehosting of apps from legacy/ on-premise to the cloud
  • option to extend the manual testing scope later and reuse created information for automation (e.g. Evergreen IT, Application Lifecycle Management and app logistics)