ASPIRE Health: Employee Benefit Placement Platform

durch Artivatic Data Labs

A Shared, Modern, Automated & AI Based Fullstack Employee & Group Health Benefits Placement System

We built the AI & Data Analytics focused first Employee Benefit & Group Health System (EBHS), a new category of enterprise software for brokers and carriers, to do just that. A EBHS enables brokers and carriers to manage the entire placement process in one shared system. To be successful, a BPS must have three core features:

  • Purpose-built. There’s so much nuance in our industry. This is especially true in the mid-to-large market, where custom underwriting is required on every client. An effective EBHS accounts for the specific workflows and dynamic relationships across stakeholders—brokers, carriers, third-parties, and the client.

  • Supports the entire placement process. Whether collecting a renewal or marketing for new business, a EBHS addresses end-to-end needs: from data collection to underwriting review and client presentation to implementation.

  • Serves as a true shared system. A EBHS is one system that provides real-time, shared visibility and enables brokers and carriers to deliver the best possible outcomes for their mutual clients.

  • Fullstack API Based self-managed business insurance platform that allows create account, buy policies digitally, connect to 3rd parties, build risk and more.

  • Allows SME/Businesses to personalize insurance based on business insights, risk insights, location insights, Employee Information etc.

  • Connects Brokers, TPAs & Insures to have shared & unified platform 

  • Helps Employees to file claims, track, get settlement digitally. [No manual or email based process]

  • Enables business to track their endowment, alerts, employees, wellness, receipts, claims and more

  • Allows Insurance companies to provide access to Partners to connect and provide Health/Group Insurance.

  • Policy /Document Digital Vault for simplifying insurance

  • Self onboarding process for buying insurance 

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