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Predictive maintenance software for enhanced heavy-asset equipment reliability

Marathon - Smarter decisions made simple

Marathon enhances equipment reliability through proactive, predictive maintenance.

Take prescriptive actions when they are needed!

Marathon is a comprehensive asset reliability management cloud-based software suite. Co-developed with digitally mature industry partners, Marathon offers ease of integration with existing data systems, value-driven analytics workflows for operations and maintenance decision support, and rapid scalability to standardize data-driven processes across your organization.

Proven customer results

Marathon’s AI-enabled analytics engine delivers proven results on a daily basis for our subscribers, allowing them to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve fact-based decision making
  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Decrease environmental impact

Key features Marathon

  • Investigation & resolving: Take prescriptive actions when and where they are needed, thanks to real-time notifications for the most important issues. Standardized checklist-based workflows involve the right people at the right time to prevent issues from becoming mission-critical.
  • On-demand reports: Generate on-demand reports summarizing the performance history for any connected asset. Identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, benchmark asset performance, or provide data-driven evidence for warranty claims.
  • Highlighted events: Marathon highlights real-time regions of interest in sensor data, providing richer context of equipment state. It emphasizes anomalous conditions where corrective actions are required, making it easy to diagnose problems by selecting sensor data combinations relevant to an event. Color-coded severities indicate highest priority items, and threads enable efficient collaboration across departments.
  • Customized alert stream: Choose to see only the most crucial insights as they occur for your most important assets and locations. Inbox-style workflows show which alerts have been viewed; new alerts include visual cues so that nothing important is missed.
  • Trustworthy security: Data encryption at rest and in transit. Manage user roles and access through user group assignment. ISO 27001 certified.

Key benefits Marathon

  • Freeing up time: Rapidly deploy advanced analytics and AI at scale across key assets, freeing up your teams globally to focus on tasks beyond manual data and alarm monitoring.
  • Advanced analytics engine tailored to your use case: Marathon can be tailored to the highest priority use cases, either through our template models or our dedicated team developing a custom solution for your needs.
  • Outcome in weeks: Ensure actionable results for operations and maintenance teams to get meaningful RoI for digital technology in weeks, not years.
  • Engineering performance: Overlay live data onto engineering performance diagrams for connected assets. See how equipment is performing now regarding key design parameters and explore how equipment performance has changed over time. Raise alerts when performance exceeds desired thresholds.
  • Asset data alongside analytics: View the most critical asset sensor data alongside analytical insights. For a complete holistic picture of the asset lifecycle, overlay maintenance and failure records. Create comparisons of custom and off-the-shelf KPIs derived from sensor data for like assets.
  • Seamless integration: Marathon exposes its capabilities as REST API endpoints. Easily integrate with other IT infrastructure in your work environment or analytics tool belt.

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