G Suite to Microsoft 365 Migration


AVAMIGRATRON helps you migrate from G Suite to Microsoft 365, a full-blown enterprise solution.

AVAMIGRATRON is a most comprehensive automated solution for migrating businesses & organizations from G-Workspace to Microsoft 365. The only product with the complete migration capability to migrate both G-Suite applications and Gmail with a user-friendly approach. The tool supports a low volume of data to a large volume of data to organizations with 100% accuracy and complete security.


 Key Features:

  • Inventory Assessment
  • Smooth Migration
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Secure Migration Process
  • Secured Information Protection


Migration Capabilities:

  • AVAMIGRATRON will access and migrate the G Suite business data like G Suite users, mailboxes, attachments, tasks, calendar, contacts, my drives, shared drive, a group with memberships, and site data to Microsoft 365.
  • Map Microsoft 365 Users
    • G Suite users are mapped to the respective Microsoft 365 users for where data creation/Update purpose.
  • Migrate Gmail to Microsoft 365 mailboxes
    • Mailboxes where user inbox, sent, delete, trash, folders, subfolders, attachments of Gmail from user mailboxes.
    • Tasks and subtasks.
    • Calendar and contact details.
  • Migrate G-Suite to Microsoft 365 Modern sites
    • Migrates My Drive files & folders with Office 365 supported file extensions.
    • Shared Drive files with permission levels.
    • G Suite groups & memberships.
    • G Suite sites (web page, list page, page content, G Suite gadgets, file cabinets data).
  • A detailed report of the migration process to track the performance range of AVAMIGRARON and used to investigate if any data interrupted/service outage of Microsoft 365 while migrating.
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