BankiFi Technology Limited

A bank-based bank & accounting service for micros and SME

The BankiFi platform allows banks, insurers, and other FIs to answer the most burning needs of their (micro) business customers with one-stop banking and accounting. It addresses Invoicing and Collections, Saving time and money on accounting, payments, and consolidation, low visibility on cash and liquidity challenges through data insights and nudges and access to - made to measure - working capital/credit. Sales Targets in a bank or FI would be 1. leaders in Business Banking, Lending, Innovation, and Open Banking practices. The end-user is the bank's business customer. Typical discussion topics are: monetizing open banking, creating lending opportunities, challenger banks, fintech collaboration, SME,micro-business banking. The bank acquires a license to use the services in their 'own' Azure Cloud (building their own front end for an existing internet banking or mobile channel or creating a new app) or enters a partnership with BankiFi and Azure to simply run the service. The banks so offers a modern fintech style service whilst keeping the customer fully onboard inside the bank and reaching out to new customers through Open Banking. It is the perfect pitch for banks fearing to become the 'dumb pipe' in an era of bigtech and fintech competition.
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