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Binokula - Power BI report sharing made easy


Request a 14-day free trial of Binokula

Binokula is a cloud-based service designed to simplify the secure distribution of Microsoft Power BI reports beyond your company firewall.

Binokula attempts to address most of the common problems associated with secure report sharing. With Binokula you will be able to:

-Easily expose secure, interactive reports created with Microsoft Power BI.
-Seamlessly integrate Binokula with your existing portal.
-Restrict users' access to only their reports and data.
-Scale up to thousands of users, if required.
-Track when users access their reports.
-Quickly publish new reports or change existing reports, all without needing a software developer.
-Automate the entire process, while knowing that Binokula constantly monitors the platform for you.

Binokula is used by organizations that:
-Need to securely share reports with users who are affiliated with their organization.
-Need to provide an interactive experience for users instead of emailing static PDF documents.
-Need to empower business users to control report sharing.
-Need to avoid a large and complex IT projects.
-Need to avoid licensing per named user.
-Need to be up and running as soon as possible.
-Need to provide an easy and simple experience for end users.


Your free trial includes:
-10 Active Report Users
-3GB Power BI Data Storage
-Azure Region Selection
-User Administration
-Power BI Report Administration