Snap Schedule 365 Employee Scheduling Software

durch Business Management Systems, Inc.

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Generate optimal schedules, track attendance, manage employee’s time off, overtime and labor costs

Built on Azure and available 24/7, Snap Schedule 365 takes the hassle out of employee scheduling. Companies can now effectively schedule their workforce, reduce labor costs, improve productivity and promote employees’ work-life balance. Scalable to an unlimited number of employees, Snap Schedule 365 helps managers quickly create shift schedules, avoid scheduling conflicts, and make informed scheduling decisions with accurate data and comprehensive reporting.

Snap Schedule 365's simple drag-and-drop interface speeds up the scheduling processes and makes it easy to track staff assignments, leave requests, and shift schedules. It warns managers of any scheduling conflicts and helps minimize over-staffing, reducing payroll costs. Track employee skills and qualifications so unqualified employees won’t be assigned to skilled positions, thus avoiding costly liabilities. Snap Schedule 365 also helps companies comply with union rules and labor agreements, including call out, offering open shift, overtime, premium pay to person with the right seniority and qualifications. Managers can fill open shifts or find a replacement employee quickly based on any number of criteria including position, skill, availability, seniority, and cost.

Snap Schedule 365 is compatible with iPhone/iPads, Android tablets, and mobile devices. Employees can receive notifications, access their schedules, request time off, bid on open shifts, trade shifts, punch in/out, view time cards, update their availability, and more.

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