TradeBeyond - Retail Sourcing App

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Increase private label assortments faster and cheaper with the ultimate Retail Sourcing App

Streamline assortment planning, sourcing, quotations, and buying through an exclusive community of retailers, suppliers and brands

TradeBeyond allows retailers, brands, suppliers and factories to introduce, source and match products with retail mood boards, ranges and themes, in a digital showroom. Home to thousands of validated suppliers, TradeBeyond is designed to extend innovation, source and bring products to market faster. Your ultimate sourcing app, that not only makes connections but also provides an entire industry with the tools to win!

Not your common finished goods online marketplace

TradeBeyond is an exclusive network in which retailers, brands and their suppliers, and factories, can connect, source, extend innovation and bring products to market faster.

By becoming a member of TradeBeyond, retailers and their suppliers can:

· Work“virtually”, in real-time and side-be-side

· Create, share, collaborate and source products for every season

· Line/Rangeplanning, product sourcing, development & shortlisting

FREE membership for retailers and invited suppliers, click on “GET IT NOW” and start your journey to revolutionize how the retail industry manages product development and product sourcing.

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